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Being in business doesn't mean you have no conscience.

But with a little help from the Carbon Credit Agency, taking a responsible attitude to your CO2 emissions can benefit your bottom line as well as the environment. That's because we offer:

A complete online, one-stop business offset solution
Green certificates to display on your premises, or use as confirmation that you're
doing your bit
Tailored solutions to offset energy, travel or events in your workplace
using our Green Calculators
Additional products and strategies to cut emissions and costs, up and
down the supply chain
The opportunity for your business to go further, through our Energy Efficiency,
Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, Auditing
and Consultancy Services
Here's how we work

First, we help you clarify your baseline. Our Green Business Calculator will help you work out your business's CO2 footprint.

Then we'll recommend ways that you can offset. You'll then be able to display the Carbon Credit Agency's Certificates on your premises as proof you're genuinely doing your bit.

So why offset with us?

Why choose the Carbon Credit Agency to offset your CO2 emissions? Well, the simple reason is, because it makes good business sense.

Green companies are better managed, more efficient and more profitable than their rivals, and many of the most successful ones now recognise the clear business benefits of addressing environmental issues. And in the future, corporate legislation and government decision making will inevitably focus increasingly on climate issues.

By offsetting your business's CO2 with the Carbon Credit Agency you're making a demonstrable and positive statement of your intent. And remember, climate change affects everyone - employees, customers and shareholders alike. They're all attracted (and more likely to be loyal) to businesses who are committed to caring for the environment.

What can you do in the interim?

There are plenty of easy steps you can make to show that your business takes environmental issues seriously - and they can all create savings to your bottom line:

Reduce your direct emissions wherever you can
Take measures to save energy
Use sustainable alternatives
Reuse and recycle whenever possible
Show your support for others who are reducing their emissions in the supply chain

Then when you've done all that, offset the difference with the Carbon Credit Agency. It's fast, fair and effective, and because we only invest in the highest quality offsets you can be confident you're making a difference.

Contact us about helping your customers to follow your lead and offset now.

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