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By offsetting your CO2 emissions with the Carbon Credit Agency, you're assured that your money is being invested to reduce the equivalent level of CO2 in a selected portfolio of projects around the world. We only create or invest in offsets which are independently verified to meet the highest standards. In particular we focus on projects which can meet the demanding rigour of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (Certified Emissions Reductions) or an internationally recognised standard such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard for UN and Verified projects. We also offer Land Use and Forestry projects as a popular option which can be independently verified to meet our standards or one of the internationally recognised standards.

We are not tied to any particular Offset type or project initiator so we can create a diversified portfolio of offsets to meet our needs and we only work with the leading international financial institutions and accredited Carbon Offsetters including members of International Energy Trading Association (IETA). This ensures that we can always spend the maximum amount of money on the most effective offsets available. We exclude any project where we feel there may be questions over the effectiveness of the chosen methodology or where we think it's the responsibility of individual businesses to address their operations. We keep you fully informed of our investments through email and on our website.

Our standards
Our selection criteria dictate that the projects we invest in demonstrate the following:

Realistically calculated baselines - so you know your investment will make
a significant difference
The project must show additionality - that is, demonstrable change created by the
project, which would not have occurred without it
No double counting - emission reductions must be measurable and any
leakage accounted for
The environmental benefits must be permanent
Where your carbon offset investment helps

All offsets are independently verified by third parties. You can specify the types of projects you would prefer your money to be invested in, for example Clean, Alternative and Energy Efficiency. We are highly selective of the projects we accept. We don't invest in projects where we think it is the responsibility of big business to address the green house gas emissions for example, the destruction of hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) produced from chemical factories and we only invest in land use projects such as tree planting which meet the most demanding tests.

Clean and Alternative Energy Projects include wind farms, hydro, tidal, solar power and renewable sources such as biomass. Energy Efficiency is typically in technology or in people's homes and transport around the world which also improve people's lives. Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry projects remove or avoid carbon in the atmosphere for example by tree planting through Afforestation and Reforestation. United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) encompasses a wide range of projects which meet the demanding standards of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanisms. CERs have been proposed by DEFRA as a preferred Offset option.

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