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If you've already made the decision to offset your CO2 emissions, here's where to start. You can use our Green Calculators to work out your total emissions so you can offset them accurately. Rest assured, they're the most sophisticated, yet easiest to use, online calculators around.

If you're undecided, remember, there are plenty of positive steps you can take to reduce your CO2 emissions. Like washing at 30 degrees, changing to energy efficient light bulbs, and looking out for energy efficiency stickers when you're shopping for a new car or home appliance.

Trouble is, once you've done all that you're still left with those unavoidable, day to day CO2 emissions without which living would be just about impossible. And that's when it makes sense to offset the difference with the Carbon Credit Agency, the leading global provider of high quality carbon offsets.

Whether you're an individual, family or a business, our Green Licences, Certificates and Luggage Labels are proof that you're taking a responsible attitude to your CO2 emissions. A vital step indeed, when you consider:

In the developed world, about 45% of CO2 emissions come from individuals and
families in their daily lives. The remainder comes from businesses.
Our modern lifestyles demand a great deal of energy - 90% of which comes from
burning fossil fuels, with effects on the climate we're only just starting to recognise.
We all enjoy produce and goods delivered to our door from all over the world.
A typical person's carbon footprint in the UK is 11.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

We only invest in the highest quality offsets, which meet internationally recognised standards or are independently verified and we keep you fully informed of where your money is spent.

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint? Offset now!

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