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Whether personally or as a family, a business, shop or organisation, you probably already think about the impact of your actions on the environment. You know it makes sense to use energy efficiently, re-use things when you can, and recycle. But the simple fact is that when you've done all that, you're still producing planet-warming greenhouse gases every time you drive, turn on your heating, fly off on holiday or serve a customer.

And that's where the Carbon Credit Agency can help. We'll show you how to counterbalance the effects of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions you can't avoid, by providing for an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere. You can choose what kind of projects your money is invested in - whether it's clean, alternative or energy efficiency projects like wind farms and biofuels, projects Certified by the United Nations, or Forestry projects. They are all independently verified and also improve the lives of people in the developing world.

By offsetting with us, you'll receive proof in the form of a Green Vehicle Licence, Home Certificate, Business Certificate or Luggage Label, to show that you're genuinely doing your bit. We'll also keep you updated by email and through our website on how your money is being used.

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